Why is Jack Wills Clothing So Desirable?

Jack Wills clothing is a popular fashion brand in the U.K. with an increasing profile in the United States. Positioning themselves as an upmarket, preppy clothing line for well to do students the brand is becoming extremely popular amongst the more affluent students in the country. As a result wearing Jack Wills is almost a “badge of coolness” recognised by the few and too expensive for the many. Of course, the higher prices for the clothes is an intentional marketing strategy aimed at making the clothes more exclusive and thus reinforcing the company’s image.

If you’re a fan of their clothing then possibly your greatest fear is that the clothing line becomes mainstream and instead of Tom, Dick and Harriet wearing the clothes you have Gaz, Maz and Sharon! The clothing range does have a wide range of clientele from pop stars to royalty with the common denominator being that JW wearers usually have a bit of money behind them!

The company designs clothes for both men and women which tends to fall between sporty casual and more classic designs.

The women’s line lends itself extremely well to layering with shirts and leggings being very popular. Add into the mix, gilets, petticoat dresses, and even hot pants and it’s clear that it’s not as easy as you think add a generic description for the company’s style.

Men are also well catered for with denims, t-shirts, button down shirts and a very cool range in sporty casuals. J W polo shirts are really cool shirts mirroring the style of shirt that polo players wear whilst on a cross gender level the hoodie is possibly one of the more popular items in the clothing range.