What to Look for in High Quality Corporate Clothing for Your Employees

Marketing and branding your business depends greatly on your image. Having your employees dress in corporate wear is a wonderful way to promote your company and increase the confidence of your clients.

But what should you look for when you are thinking of purchasing corporate clothing for your workers? Here are the basics to help you decide.

The Basics of Quality Corporate Clothing

Practicality- Each type of clothing you purchase for your employees should be practical. If the employee will be in a position to get the clothing dirty during the day, the corporate wear should be easy to take care of and able to withstand multiple washings. If you choose a type of clothing that does not need to be washed frequently, or must be dry cleaned, it may be helpful to provide a clean and air conditioned work environment.

Weather Appropriate- The type of fabric that makes up your employee clothing may directly affect how warm or cold they are throughout the year. Make sure to choose fabrics that breathe and are light for the warmer months, while choosing heavier and insulated fabrics for when it turns cold. Even though most employees will be able to perform much of their work in the heat or the air conditioning, be sure to consider how they will feel when they walk outside.

The Style- In the corporate world, the image that you present to the public can help you succeed or can make you fail. Choose a style of clothing that represents the quality, confidence, and professionalism of your company.

What to Consider When You are Purchasing Corporate Clothing

  • The History of the Company-While new manufacturers and suppliers pop up every day, you can’t go wrong with a stable and proven company. Look for a manufacturer that has a few years of successful work behind them and has a great reputation for producing durable, long-lasting corporate clothes.
  • The Fabric-Poor fabric leads to poor clothing. To obtain the highest quality of clothing, the fabric your employee clothing is made from should be the finest yarn. The fabric should also be tested in both the lab and the field. Remember, your staff will be wearing their corporate clothing on a daily basis. Depending on how many outfits you provide for each staff member, the material must be durable as well as smart looking and professional.
  • Custom Tailoring-In the world of corporate business, one size is not appropriate for all. Custom tailoring allows your employees to maintain their independent style while still representing your company in a fashionable, yet professional way.

Finding the right kind of corporate clothing for your employees will allow you to brand your company in a way that no other marketing tool can. To obtain that perfect look though, you must consider the fabric, the style, and durability of the corporate apparel. Making the right choice the first time will save you time and money in the long run.