Wayfarer – The Way to Go Bold

Many trends in fashion have come and gone throughout the years but one that seems to be staying around a bit longer than most are wayfarer glasses. Wayfarers are definitely are one of hottest and sexiest sunglasses that suits almost everyone of any age. These glasses have persisted in the fashion scene for years and will continue to in the years to come. Boxy, oversized and dark, wayfarer glasses are on cutting edge of fashion and style.

These iconic glasses were first introduced in 1952 by Bausch and Lomb, Ray-Ban’s parent company. Originally, these glasses were made using plastic, which made them very popular instantly. Wayfarers became extremely popular after being adopted as trademarks by the icons like Bob Dylan and President John F. Kennedy. Even the pop star, Michael Jackson has regularly been seen wearing the wayfarer eyeglasses throughout his career. As these eyeglasses were made using new plastic molding technology, they marked the transition between the period of eyewear from thin metal frame to an era of plastic eyewear.

It is believed that it is a particular style that spread faster than wildfire. The 60’s way-farer were glamorous, they were over-sized and had rounded bottom edges. The 80’s wayfarers were about a simple design that was usually showcased in black. As the 1990s began, the frames became unpopular but wayfarers were brought back into fashion in the late 2000s when celebrities including ChloĆ« Sevigny and Mary-Kate Olsen began wearing these vintage frames. This style made a comeback, with many color possibilities.

Wayfarer sunglasses are now available in different color and pattern. What makes them distinct as trendy eyeglasses are their distinct frame designs which come in bold colors such as red, white, turquoise, navy blue, etc. These colors and patterns further give a modern twist to this classic style.

Instead of handy fashion accessory, wayfarer sunglasses are considered as the best polarized sunglasses as it protect the eyes from glare of sun as well as protect the eyes from the reflection caused by water, snow. These multipurpose glasses are perfect for any occasion, whether an evening at a concert, or pedaling your way through the wide open countryside.

You can wear this modish yet classic eyewear with the trendiest evening wear, casual jeans, or most sophisticated suit to enhance your look. These magical glasses can instantly glamour up a plain look and make it more appealing and pleasant. Whether you want to appear funky or sophisticated and refined, these sunglasses will look just perfect on you!