Up and Coming Attractions in Jeans

The trends for 2011 are already becoming very obvious. Trend number one: flare jeans. The 70s are coming back with a vengeance, which is interesting since flare jeans were quite the staple during the 90s. This is one decade that just won’t go away. If bell bottoms aren’t your style, there are plenty of other options.

Denim Leggings

Also known as the jegging, this elastic jean look-alike is staying put. The second skin-style is continuing on in the New Year, but there have already been great innovations in the land of jeggings. To coincide with the 70s takeover, some brands have been creating the jegging equivalent of flare and boot cut style. Now you can have that super tight fit on top with a looser flare for that ultimate on trend style with zero discomfort.


Cuffed jeans are definitely staying in style. They made a big comeback in mainstream trends when Katie Holmes rolled her boyfriend jeans and those same rolled boyfriend jeans can stay in your closet. The only change is to ditch the overly distressed styles. The cuffs are also appearing on those classic skinny jeans.

Stop the Distress

As mentioned, distressed looks are starting to fade away. Some distress is manageable and can look great on certain styles, but on trend jeans with massive holes, tearing and fraying is on its way out. To be safe, and make for a wardrobe with a longer shelf life, choose clean styles with no distress and you’ll be set to wear those jeans well past the trend expiration.

Cargo Jeans

The military trend is still going strong enough that cargo jeans, which first appeared as green cropped cargo pants, are coming in as jeans material in various colors. With a more fitted look, these jeans have a small pocket to keep the straight leg streamlined look. For a versatile version of this trend that might help prolong the trend once you’ve put money into it, try it in classic blue or the ever-popular gray.

Trends come and go and it is always fun to try a few of them here and there. If a budget prevents any shopping sprees, take the easy route and simply cuff your jeans. Since summer is coming up, a cuffed Capri is an easy style to pull off. For the ultimate trend hunter, try finding those denim flare leggings; two trends in one jean. The DIY folks can find the most use out of any trends by buying one trend, then transforming it throughout the various modifications it takes until it finally dies out. The tip to take home? There is always a way to make a trend work for you.