Trendy Dresses and Mod Clothing Can Help You Become an Indie Girl

The truth is, everybody wants to be independent. It’s a belief our nation, and a high majority of nations around the world, was founded upon. And on a smaller scale, it is the goal that drives us as young children blossoming into adults; the idea of becoming self-maintaining, being fully independent of our parents and guardians.

That’s why being an “indie girl” is so desirable. Because there is nothing wrong with being independent. In fact, it’s just the opposite; everything about it is so right. So whether it’s the amazing fashion style of indie clothing, the unique and admirable musical selections, or the auro of the independent attitude, being an “indie girl” is a pretty sweet thing to be.

Here are some tips and advice on portraying the indie girl style:

First up: the clothes. Indie clothing isn’t a specific name or brand; it’s the idea that you wear whatever you want. If you’re walking down the street and you see a corner mom-and-pop store with a fedora that you think would make you look jaw-dropping adorable, then GET IT. See a pair of mittens that would go perfectly with your high-top Chucks? GET THEM! And don’t feel a need to stay away from the major brand names either; being an indie girl and wearing indie clothing is about creating your own style, so don’t exclude anything. Whether its trendy dresses from this past decade or trendy dresses from decades ago, indie clothing is all about what YOU want and what YOU are comfortable in.

That being said, it’s important not to go overboard with the non-conforming. Indie clothing is great, but there’s a line between being indie and just being plain weird.

It’s also important to stay classy. While it might just sound like a silly catchphrase from Ron Burgundy, the truth is being indie is a long way from being trashy. We’re not suggesting your indie clothing be rigid or cold; make sure to have some fun with it. But being a little risqu doesn’t mean looking like a slattern.

No conversation about indie clothing can take place without mentioning the necessity of accessories. Basically, if you don’t have about six dozen pieces of eclectic indie jewelry, you’re probably not as indie as you think. Hit up Target or another mega-store; they’ll have tons of awesome, inexpensive jewelry options so you can rock out a different arms-full of accessories for each and every outfit.

And most importantly, stay true to who you are. Whether it’s the indie clothing, the interests you pursue, or the music you have on your iPod, your indie style should be a reflection of your true, honest personality.

That’s the beauty of being an indie girl. Yes, you’re technically fitting into a style; but that style is completely and utterly independent for you.