Tips On Selecting Pearl Jewelry For Your Love!

For most men, buying a gift for the love of their lives is more of a mission than just a normal activity because finding the perfect gift may mean setting out for a thousand journeys—or in this case, stores. Unfortunately sometimes, even if you looked everywhere just to get the gift that you thought was best, you still end up giving the wrong one. Let this article help you make your gift-giving experience a blissful one.


A pearl is a symbol of purity and of romance. It will bring out her charm and enhance her femininity. It is also ideal because pearls are great embellishments for any type of wardrobe. However, you should not just hand-pick any pearl jewelry because there is a specific pearl type that’s just right for a particular woman. Read below and find out.

1. If the lady is fair-skinned, go for pearls with shades of pink. For women with darker skin tone, choose white pearls with silver or bright blue overtones.

2. Curvy or plump ladies look best in shiny dark colored pearls. On the other hand, if your lady is the slender-type, give her medium-sized pearls.

3.If you are planning to buy a pearl necklace, a long length pearl necklace is the one that is ideal for older ladies. Shorter ones like a collar length or choker length is best for young girls.


Consider these ideas for selecting pearl jewelry perfect for your mother, wife or girlfriend.

1. Look for freshwater pearl rings. The romantic hues of freshwater pearls make the perfect promise ring. Find one that is hand-crafted with a sterling silver. The charming effect will certainly touch her lovable heart.

2. Think she’s the one? Aside from that engagement ring, you can give her a lovely Akoya Pearl wedding necklace set. Tell her to wear this on your wedding day when you present this and you will surely receive that precious “yes”.

3. If you want to make a more obvious statement, give your lover a heart shaped pearl jewelry. A pink pearl pendant or a double heart design pearl ring will deliver your thousand “I love yous”.


Put some extra effort for her. Try fun new ways of delivering your gift to her. Face to face gift giving is such a “has been”. Be creative and give it some personal twist. Read the following examples of how you can add more laughter and glow in her eyes the moment she receives your gift.

1. Place your pearl jewelry gift in a certain place or area that only belongs to her. If you know her enough, you should be able to identify the perfect spot. If not, you may try collaborating with her mom or best buddy. Add a sweet simple note to make sure she knows it’s from you.

2. Try placing the gift box in the most unexpected places such as inside her shoe box or her make-up kit. Make sure its something that she opens everyday and you have to think of the right timing when to place it.

3. Chocolates are one of the most passé forms of gifts from lovers that it doesn’t surprise the ladies anymore. This time, astonish her by placing the pearl jewelry inside a chocolate box. Don’t forget to set your camera ready to capture that perfect moment when she finds out she’s getting some exquisite pearls instead.

A woman’s pure love is priceless. The rarest of pearls could never equal its value. The fortune and effort that you spent will all be worth it the moment you see the happiness in those eyes that you loved. But if you want to give your lady the ultimate surprise of her life, we can definitely help you with that!