The Study of Vedic Astrology in the Symbol of Gemini

With Vedic Astrology the study of the Zodiac is much more personalized with the understanding that the sun represents an individuals inner nature, personalities, and characteristics. There are a variety of vedic books available on the market today that specialize in the study of Zodiac calendar, which includes the sign of Gemini.

For each sign of the Zodiac the sun represents the inner nature, personality, and characteristics of an individual. The sun shines brightly on the sign of Gemini, which is a masculine sign and the third sign of the Zodiac. It is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is a quick and lively planet as well as the messenger of the gods. Individuals that are born under the sign of Gemini love to talk and are socially entertaining.

The sign of Gemini is a star sign and is represented by the dual sign of a set of twins. Individuals born under the sign of Gemini are influenced by communication, intellectual matters, and gossip. This is an air sign, which means that these individuals are highly capable of being ingenious and quick witted. However, these individuals can become easily bored or frustrated by the things in their lives that are moving way too slowly.

Geminis are open minded individuals that are able to see both sides of issues. They are primarily interested in fashion and new fads, although they do possess a skepticism that is healthy for any individual. Geminis are known for being a party animal, but they are also known to sit back and watch others. They are very sharp witted and have supreme powers to observe others and situations that surround them, however they do have a great tendency to exaggerate even the normal every day occurrence. Geminis are often considered to be the life of the party and many would make excellent radio personalities or talk show hosts.

Talents of an individual born under the sign of Gemini include design, arts, music, interior decorating, crafts, magic, and illusion. These individuals are relatively slender due to the fact that they spend much more time talking than eating. They also enjoy activities like swimming, gymnastics, tennis, racquetball, and bicycling. It seems a shame that these individuals have very little faith in themselves, but they compensate this by covering it up with sarcasm and wit. They could use their minds in a variety of ways to better suit themselves. Geminis are capable of running around from left to right and back again. The strengths of individuals born under the sign of Gemini are focused in the communication area, which can be either in written material or verbally, but also in media, gossip, and trivia.

These delicate creatures have the ability to blend in with their environment, but they prefer to be the life of the party with their witty remarks and unlimited knowledge. They will keep in touch with friends that have moved away and are always a source of unlimited information and gossip, and one invention that was created is perfect for the Gemini is the mobile phone and is their most treasured accessory. Geminis control the hands, arms, lungs, upper ribs, and thymus gland of the human body, so these individuals are subject to injury and infection within these areas. They are also subject to mental distraction. Colors for these individuals are yellow, light blue, and various colors and their birthstone is the agate, which is streaked with a variety of colors. Flowers associated with the Gemini are the azalea, lilac, and lily of the valley.