The Origin and Rise of Cosmetology

Cosmetology involves the upkeep of appearance and infusion of beauty treatments in a person. This can be especially important for women. Cosmetology can be further divided into branches which includes the study of skin care, cosmetics, hairstyles and hair care and beauty therapy. Cosmetology is gaining popularity because there is increasing demand and pressure to look good, regardless of gender or profession.

According to historians, the history of cosmetology could have begun during the days of Egyptians. It is safe to say that Egyptians practiced a unique method of self-beautification, paying special attention to skin and appearance. The Egyptians have tried some of the simplest methods to the more complex beautification processes. For example, the mixture of lead, ash and mercury was used as eyeliner back in those days.

Fast forward to a few hundred years later, the history of cosmetology reveals that the Chinese community used a mixture of natural ingredients to create colorful nail polish. By the Roman times, it was soon discovered that oils, lotions and animal fats have beautification properties. However, some of the extremities include the use of own saliva to prepare cosmetics. This is a highly toxic process, yet continued to be practiced by many. In the later years, hair and smell played an important role in the field of cosmetology. The desire to have smooth, shiny hair is just as common as the need to smell good always. The advancement of technology allows better products to be produced and was made more affordable.

The 20th century proved to be a point to note in the history of cosmetology with the extensive use of make up and various products by women to emulate their favorite Hollywood stars. There is increasing sophistication in the production of cosmetics and beauty products to cater to the increasing demand for quality and function of products. Today, cosmetic surgery is a common practice and is slowly gaining acceptance. The overwhelming response from men and women towards beautification process and products goes to show that beauty plays an important role in a person’s life and well being.