Silver Jewelry Exporters Looking Forward to the Wedding Season


Jewelry and women are inseparable and both compliment each other’s presence. Women prefer the jewellery items which help them compliment their grace and style. Silver is one of most popular metal worn by women across the globe to further enhance their look and help them leave a lasting impression on their admirers.

The history of silver jewelry dates back to the ancient times. It is said to be discovered around the same time, copper and gold were found. Silver jewelry isn’t made of pure silver as pure silver is soft and easily damaged, so it is usually combined with other metals in order to be durable enough for jewelry. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Sterling silver is a preferred choice both for jewelry makers and buyers because of its durability and flexibility.


Over the years, most countries across the globe have developed their own systems of hallmarking. The main purpose of developing such a hallmark is to reliably indicate the purity of the silver used in the jewelry or any other article.

Current scenario

Silver Jewelry Exporters confirm the fact that Sterling silver jewelry is enjoying an unprecedented popularity with today’s fashion conscious generation. As per the latest reports available silver is expected to trade between $17.50 and $19 in the next few weeks.

Upcoming Trend

One of the interesting tend that has been observed is that the men’s silver jewelry market has taken off in the past few years, with men in the mainstream comfortably buying sterling articles usually worn by popular celebrities. Men are beginning to enjoy the style quotient that such jewelry brings into their life without shelling out a fortune. The best part about sterling silver is that it is affordable and looks extremely fashionable.

Final Thoughts

Silver looks good with gems of all colors and helps each one of them stand out in their full glory. It is a very versatile metal when it comes to jewelry. The best thing about silver is its affordability and wide range of possibilities.

In terms of investment silver’s role as a safe haven asset, just next to gold, has increased investor’s interest in the metal. Such Exporters feel that demand for silver jewelry ahead of the Indian festival and wedding seasons will further fuel the purchase of physical silver amid any price fluctuation.