Shopping for a Bridal Dress

5 tips for making the process easier

1. Calculate your budget and work accordingly

The budget for your wedding dress shouldn’t only include the gown. Your shoes, lingerie, headpiece and veil should also be accounted for in the budget. Wedding dresses can range from $500 to more than $4,000 for designer dresses.

2. Cut the costs

Sometimes, you might want a designer dress, but can’t afford it. To buy a dress within your budget, you could ask your seamstress to copy the design. This might cost you half the price of the designer gown.

With the same budgeted amount you could always go for more lavish and extravagant dresses. For instance, beaded and sequined dresses cost more but you could buy a plain dress and adorn it with beads yourself. You could also buy dresses from brides who never ended up getting married.

Some brides recommend going for dresses outside the traditional bridal stores, with an evening dress delivering just as stunning results as a wedding dress.

3. Be open to alternatives

Don’t reject anything outright. Sometimes, you might try several wedding dresses without liking any of them. If your wedding consultant brings you a dress to try, don’t say no. Many brides have landed with absolutely gorgeous dresses that their wedding consultant persuaded them to try on.

4. Plan the venue for ceremony and reception before trying on the dresses

With the ceremony and reception venue decided, it will be easier for you to pick a wedding dress according to the mood and style of the wedding. You will have an idea of what will and what will not go down with the venue.

Venue size, wedding style, color of the decorations, lighting and spacing will all determine what dress looks the best at your wedding venue.

If it is a garden or a farmhouse wedding, for instance, the venue is set to be trendy and casual. The dress should preferably not be made of satin as satin reflects sunlight and is not as soft as yarn in natural environment.

5. Start earlier to avoid last minute hassle

It is never too early to start shopping for your wedding dress. If you are getting a custom wedding dress made, it can take up to 16 weeks. Alterations could take up to 8 weeks more. This makes it about 24 weeks. You should also allow some cushion time, especially if you are shopping during holidays.