Shawls – What is a Kullu Shawl?

The Kullu shawl, as the name suggests, has its origin from the stunning mountain region of Himachal Pradesh. The motifs and designs of this wrap woven today owes their origin to intricate Kinnauri designs, the making of which has been enhanced to bring about more vibrant colors and the process has been simplified.

Thus the time and labour involved in the making of each piece has been reduced considerably and became available at a comparatively lower cost, which has led to the increase in demand. It is available in Pashmina, Angora, handspun and wool materials. The yarn used is either vegetable dyed or chemically dyed.

This famous stole has evolved from pattu which is the traditional outfit of this valley. The three meter hand woven wool attire is worn by the women like a tunic. Even today, many women wear pattu on top of their pajamas.

The Kullu shawl is available at effervescent patterns and designs. It can be well described as the melange of economy and ethnicity. It is categorized by a mould of gaudy, rich and glitzy colors. The finer and softer quality of materials is used in producing this. To proffer a more traditional look, local patterns of Himachal Pradesh are endowed in these shawls.

Although this wrap is coarser than the Pashmina, the world-class designs and patterns have led to a stupendous demand for it. It is now available in subtle colors. The Kullu wool wrap is always hand-woven, either by women working in cooperatives or by individuals. If you come across any machine-woven piece, then these are not the original ones. They are likely to be brought in from Punjab.

Kullu shawls displays the lustrous and astounding customary prototype of Himachal Pradesh. It also exhibits the regional flora and fauna pattern along with the embroidered floral patterns. This is not very costly, yet it is amazingly elegant, fashionable and stylish. A piece can cost anything between $10 and $50. Pure Kullu Pashmina shawls are available at $100, whereas, Pashmina wool pieces are available for $70.

Kullu shawls looks extremely stunning with flamboyant mould and colors. They are perfect to match up with any attire with their bright and rich hues. It is worn not only for day to day use, but also on special occasions like anniversaries and weddings. As per the legend, this shawl is said to bring good luck and prosperity. It is a symbol of wealth, success and opulence.