Prevent Head Lice in Public Arenas

The International Beauty Show is a wonderful arena for many different people. Whether you are a professional offering services or a patron happily receiving the services, it can be a wonderful day for all! Many people prepare for the day with research, thinking of what services they may get, and making the appropriate travel plans. People are excited and ready for a day of new and exciting beauty secrets! Who doesn’t love getting their hair done?

Plan for Head Lice?

Nobody plans ahead for head lice. If just one person affected by head lice has their hair done at a booth, they could infest hundreds, including you. This can spread very quickly in a crowded environment like a beauty show.

How do you prevent an infestation of head lice? There are safe and natural ways to do this, rather than the harsh chemicals and pesticides that have been used in previous years. Don’t take the chance of getting sick while killing the bugs and their eggs. Prevent and treat head lice using natural, harmless alternatives.

Past Treatment

Years ago, people would only discover they’d contracted head lice after they discovered adult bugs. They would then call their doctors and get a toxic to head lice shampoo and lather it, killing the adults and nymphs. They were advised to repeat this a week later, and after combing using a lice comb, they might be rid of them.

Many times, people had to do this for weeks, keeping their children out of school and missing work. Some felt dirty and ashamed of the bugs they caught. The kids would be the target of gossip and jokes for weeks. As if this isn’t enough for you and your children to go through, that shampoo you were using was a pesticide, potentially toxic to you and your children as well. The side effects could be nasty and unpleasant, not to mention some could be permanent. So began the search for more natural remedies and prevention.

Prevent and Treat Head Lice Naturally

Preventing this from becoming an issue in your home is important to you and your family. You are protecting yourselves from all of the unpleasant things mentioned previously. Prevention is not only possible; it is relatively easy and inexpensive as well.

When you are going to a large and crowded public arena, especially if it is a beauty show where services are being rendered to many people, prevention methods are a must. Natural head lice prevention is easier than you think. We all know that head lice like clean hair, but that doesn’t mean that we should all run around with greasy dirty hair.

What can we do in a clean, effective, and all natural way to deter these little guys? Three little words, tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is very effective in deterring a louse from your head. But just dousing your hear with the natural oil is not the way to go about this. The proper mixture for a spray would be ten drops of oil for every two ounces of water. You can also add lavender oil or something that will smell good, as tea tree oil has a medicine-like odor. Spray the solution into your hair and let it dry overnight.

Another, easier way to use tea tree oil is to mix it into your shampoo. Save an old shampoo bottle so you can split the new bottle. Take about a quarter of the shampoo and dump it into the old bottle, saving it for later. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with the oil and shake well. Again, you can add another oil to counter the odor. Once you have used this solution for at least a month, you are protected from head lice. Doesn’t that feel good?