Jewelry For Women in the Corporate World

What do you wear to work?

Yes, these is the corporate uniform a career woman is expected to don. Especially if her work place has a conservative dress code, or she is a high powered executive in a bank or if she is expected to enter the board room. First impressions count, so dress to impress.

Does that mean your dressing must be boring?
I mean, how many ways can you wear a black, navy or tweed skirt suit?
Business clothes look like you are serious about your work but must you dress like a corporate clone?

Jewelry allow you the freedom of expression, within limits of course. Not all jewelry is suitable for a corporate executive role. Hook earrings that dangle from your ears, though sexy or whimsical, look too frivolous, too distracting for work. It gets worse if you give a presentation and your jingly earrings steal your audience’s attention.

An armful of bangles though great for play, look too frivolous for the office if you are in a high powered position. Maybe you can get away with it, but discretion where clothes and accessories are concerned, is classier in the corporate world.

Yet you can personalize your style with the clever use of accessories. In fact, the right accessories can enhance your professional image.

For starters, wear earrings to draw attention to your face. Go for stud earrings, for gemstone or precious metal earrings that cover most of your ear lobes but which do not dangle. Save your drop earrings, chandelier earrings and shoulder dusters for after office hours.

Hoop earrings are great if worn with the right outfit. Everything else has to be chic for you to get away with a pair of gorgeous hoops.

Finally, get a brooch []. That is an extremely versatile piece of jewelry you can wear virtually anywhere, but for the office, wear it on the lapel of your jacket.