Indian Jewelry – 5 Types of Traditional Indian Jewelry

Indian jewelry is resplendent having a unique position on this earth in the field of ornaments. The special niche of this jewelry is palpable. The jewelry is designed since Indus Valley Civilization, Mughal, Rajput and many other dynasties and civilizations. They are crafted not only for women but also for gods. Rather, in ancient India, kings were equally seen wearing jewelry like other ladies of their empire. Jewelry is exchanged between kin on different occasions. Though Indian jewelry is traditional, whimsical and diverse, I would like to share 5 outstanding beautiful pieces of craftsmanship…..

ANCIENT INDIAN JEWELRY- In ancient India, jewelry were made from natural objects like-beads, feathers, stones, flowers, cloves and teeth. Those things too added glamour to the people. Such piece of beauty can still be seen in some tribes. But the ornaments made of gemstones and many other precious stones are part of riches jewelry boxes.

MUGHAL PERIOD JEWELRY-the Mughal rule embellished the Indian jewelry further. The ornaments of this dynasty were the whimsical, elegant and exquisite blend of Hindu and Muslim styles. The outburst of this pattern had an extravagant lush. Some of the jewelry designed in this duration was entirely dependent on the paintings executed for the third emperor Akbar. But this class of ornamentation is basically for a contemporary wear.

SOUTH INDIAN JEWELRY- the jewelry of south India is flamboyant whereas that of northern India is simple. The south Indian jewelries could be found represented in the mural paintings of Trivandrum. The ornaments are preferably made from gold.

RAJASTHAN JEWELRY- though Rajasthan has jewelry made of both gold and silver, it has manifested remarkable position in silver jewelry in India. Rajasthan ornament has an ethnic and an exquisite appeal.

EVERGREEN DIAMONDS-diamonds are the dreams of all women. It can be polished and designed as single diamond ornament or plethora of this resplendent stone can be formulated in array to create miracles. It is a beauty of riches. This precious stone jewelry is a symbol of royalty and beauty since our ancestral age.

The above mentioned 5 types of jewelry are just few drops of the large ocean of traditional Indian jewelry. This field has exquisite, diverse, everlasting and unique varieties. The profession in this field needs a competitive brain and creative ideas. Jewelries are said to be the passion and best friend of women not only in India but all over the world.