Indian Fashion Trends For Women

India is a vast country with diverse cultures. Each state showcases its own originality whether it is in draping a sari, or in the way they design their jewelry. What exactly are the types of attire common among Indian women folk? These would by mainly constitute –

1. The Indian Sari

Mostly preferred by women by and large in the Indian society. A large piece of cloth is draped in different styles depending on which state you are in. The Indian Sari is a depiction of grace and beauty. This attire is also the dress of choice among Indian brides.

2. The Indian Kurti

Kurtis/tunics/tops is a popular form of dress preferred by the Indian youth. They are knee length kurtas or tops which is matched with pants or skirts.

3. Lehengas

Lehengas are usually worn during special occasions like engagements or parties. They usually have heavy work on them with beads and embroidery.

4. Skirts

Long skirts and wraps are also becoming popular in Northern states. Another slowly emerging trend is the use of silk sari wraps and skirts.

Indian jewelry is a must for any Indian women. Their look is not complete unless and until it is paired with the right accessory. Golden earrings, bangles, anklets are very much popular. A heavy set of earrings and necklace is adorned by the Indian women during weddings and other special occasions which adds more zing to the event.

Another accessory which is used is called a bindhi. A bindhi is a type of temporary tattoo which a woman puts on her forehead.

There are many other Indian fashion trends followed by women. They will continue to grow and shine even brighter in the near future. These trends are slowly changing, and traditional saris are being replaced by contemporary ones , but the beauty never ceases to exist.