Idiot’s Guide to Pop Art Canvas Prints

Pop Art canvas printing is a revolutionary new technique that brings a burst of colour and vibrancy to any home decor! But what is this phenomenon all about and how can you use it to enhance your best photos? Here are a few steps to follow when converting your favourite snaps into breathtaking canvas prints. Stick closely to these and you won’t go wrong!

1. Choose a colourful photo

The first step to which you must adhere is to select an appropriate photo. By that I mean one that is absolutely overflowing with colour and vibrancy. The more the better because Pop Art canvas prints are all about a dramatic and lively visual impact! Have some fun as you pore through all your photos to find those that are the richest and brightest.

2. Choose the right size of canvas prints for you

It is vitally important that you tailor the size of the canvas prints that you would like to the size and shape of the walls you wish to display them on. For example, a small kitchen might look brilliant adorned with some lovely mini canvas prints, whereas your living room might be embellished with a fabulous and expansive panoramic canvas!

3. Choose the right colour schemes for each room

If you are endeavouring to create a very warm and cosy atmosphere in the dining room, rich colours such as reds, oranges, browns and greens would work particularly well. However, for your bathroom you might consider a beach scene of turquoises, greys, whites and blues. However, especially with the multi-coloured nature of Pop Art canvas prints, most wall art will go brilliantly with almost any colour scheme imaginable!

4. Choose the right Pop Art canvas prints effect for you

There are so many different options of Pop Art available for you to choose from, all made by hand by expert designers who work sympathetically and considerately with your photos. The Pop Art Che effect (in the style of the iconic portrait of Che Guevara) is extremely energetic because a full-colour monochrome image of blue, red or green provides the background for your photo in black and white. This creates a very classic and elegant effect that really makes your photo stand out in a unique and imaginative fashion. On the other hand, the revolutionary Warhol Pop Art effect is similarly dramatic because your photo is put into each corner of a 4-way split. Different colours and tones are used for each individual image which creates a very fresh and clinical look, so why not see what you can come up with?