How to Stylishly Match Your Physical Attributes to Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are symbols of purity and peace. They enhance the wearer’s femininity and grant a unique flavor of elegance. This is why for over many centuries, pearl jewelry has become every woman’s desire.

Matching your pearl jewelry to your physique does not actually require an expert to be executed. Read on so you can discover how to do it by yourself.

Pearl necklaces are the most prominent among pearl jewelry. In order to successfully choose the best one suited for you, you must first identify your neckline measurement and type. This is very important most especially if you are buying online.

If you have a short neck, select chains that start 2 inches below the collarbone.

Women with thick necks should wear larger pearls and preferably 18 inches in length.

If you have a long ad thin neck, go for triple stranded pearl necklaces. The shortest strand should hug the base of the throat. You should also avoid V-shaped chains for this will make your neck look even thinner.

Women who have bony necks should select medium to large sized necklaces. Choose a pear necklace that falls at least one inch below your collarbone.

If you have a wide-based neck, choose flexible chains that wrap well around your neckline. A longer chain will be preferable for your type of neck. Also pick a necklace that is at least one inch below your collar bone.

A soft, contoured, fleshy neck should wear a segmented necklace. It should also be close to the base of the neck. You may add style by placing an angular pendant.

Body type should also be considered when selecting a pearl necklace. Certain styles will enhance or flatter a particular figure.

Plump ladies should go for dark colored pearls. Shiny dark colored pearls such as black, blue, purple and gold will make you look alluring.

Ladies with lean bodies should pick medium sized pearls in any color. Just remember to pair something dark with light to make sure that they complement one another. For instance, if you are wearing an “LBD”, choose medium sized white pearls.

Lastly, consider skin tone when selecting your pearl jewelry. Whether you are purchasing bracelets, necklaces or earrings, the color of the pearl will become more radiant depending on the wearer’s skin color.

Fair ladies in general have a big range of color choices. Pink pearls look best on light skin. Despite the wide range, younger fair skinned ladies should avoid black pearls for it will not balance with your youthful glow.

White pearls with silver or bright blue overtones look best in dark-skinned women.

Aside from this a woman should also consider her personality type. Perfectly round pearls would be perfect for demure young ladies, meanwhile irregularly shaped pearls in shades of green will look more vibrant in ladies who are active and like to go and have fun outdoors.

In ancient scriptures, pearls were a symbol of femininity and had lunar associations. This should tell us that our own mother nature loves women and that it has created this wonderful gift only for them