How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress – 10 Top Tips

1. Decide on a budget and stick to it.

2. Choose a time line, so your dress is ready in plenty of time before your wedding day.

3. Select the fabric you’d like to use. Some bridal gown fabrics include shantung, brocade, French satin, crepe, organza and silk duchess satin. It’s a good idea to get some swatches so you can compare the look and feel of the various fabrics.

4. Choose the color. These can include stark white, ivory or champagne for a traditional color. Or how about a slightly non traditional shade such as pale pink or lavender?

5. Decide on the style. Do you want a fairytale princess look or a sleek modern image, or something in-between?

6. Visit bridal stores if you can’t decide on the exact style you want. You may get inspired!

7. Make sure your measurements are correct so you don’t need to do any last minute alterations if the gown doesn’t fit.

8. Consider the rear view design of the gown. Your guests will be spending a lot of time looking at your back as the ceremony goes on. It should be as flattering as the front.

9. Consider comfort. You will be wearing the gown for at least eight hours, so it is important that you should feel comfortable in it. When trying it on, bend over, sit down, stand up, walk and dance to make sure that you can move with ease in your wedding gown. For example, boning in the bodice may not be comfortable after a few hours.

10. Now you’ve designed your own wedding dress, who is going to make it? A dressmaker, bridal store, family, friends or yourself?

Designing your own wedding dress is a wonderful way to imprint your personality on your wedding. Congratulations!