Fashion AndreaM Jewelry Can Make Your Dream Come True

Women love jewelry, and it is just as simple as that. They don’t want super expensive or luxurious jewelry. What they really want is actually something behind each piece of jewelry. A special memory that reminds them of the sweet days, or the mystery that they feel from the special Egyptian jewelry. AndreaM jewelry, themed by memory, mystery, and forever, may make your dream come true.

1 Mysterious Egyptian bangles:

The Egyptians were known to be very creative in designs, unmatched in their brilliance. The jewelry of ancient Egypt has fascinated the world for centuries. Not only are they beautiful and attractive in themselves, but they can also evoke some kind of religious feeling and mystery. It is because the Egyptians had their own religion, and Egyptian stuff has always been endowed with a bit of magic and mystery. The princess crown style bangles make women more royal, and elegant.

2 Elegant pearl rings:

Pearl jewelry is all the rage and one type of them is pearl rings. Pearl rings come in different colors and shapes as the pearls themselves are different in colors and shapes. Each pearl has its own special personality and its own story. There are no two pearl rings which are exactly alike. Thus, a pearl ring can offer you natural beauty and uniqueness. This ring has remarkable luster and is made of platinum plating, decorated with glittering CZ and high quality pearl.

3 Delicate butterfly brooches:

Like any other jewelry, brooches are mainly for the purpose of fashion and aesthetics. Different from other jewelries, brooches are no longer regarded as accessories for old ladies but for everyone. Both old and young ladies are happy to wear brooches to highlight a specific part of the body. You can wear it near to the shoulder, or waist bands. Or as a modern style, a brooch is often used as an accessory pinned to the lapel of a coat. In this way, it draws others’ attention to some part of the body, like a long neck, the waist, or the hips. Brooches also have practical use. For example, if you have bought a loose jacket and are trying to make it fit you better, a brooch can be used to have the slack pleated together and get fastened, giving an aesthetic feeling in the meantime.

4 Ornate Victorian bracelets:

Unlike that of any other time period, Victorian jewelry is inimitable for its classically ornate and delicately detailed design. When we mention Victorian jewelry, we have to say something about the Queen Victorian who ruled England from 1837 to 1901. As she has a romantic disposition, the jewelry during her reign is endowed with sentimental motifs like hearts, flowers, and birds. The Victorian jewelry is characterized by using such techniques as piercing, and filigree, which can be found in most of the Victorian jewelry like this bracelet for it has a delicate design and charming beauty.

5 Vintage Egyptian teardrop earrings:

Not only is Egyptian jewelry not confined to be worn by one gender, but also they have the ability to meld with whatever you wear. You can wear modern pants suits paired with Egyptian jewelry, which does not look weird but makes you more fashionable instead. This is the distinctive charm of Egyptian jewelry. For over 5000 years Egyptian arts have fascinated lots of people generation after generation, with its unparalleled beauty, and mystery. Like this teardrop earring, glittering gold-plated chain loop with medium brown teardrop cubic zirconia produces a sense of mystery, and nobility.

6 Personalized birthstone charms:

Some wear gemstones just for fashion, while some wear them for a sense of identity. Birthstones represent your birth month which dates back far in history when they were believed to bestow the wearers with power, or good luck. Today, they are more worn as a self statement or fashion statement. Personalized birthstone charms are actually good gift options, as they may give your loved person a feeling that this gift is just meant for him or her. They may feel you are really concerned about them. Birthstones can be added to your rings, earrings, or bracelets based on your preference.