Embroidery of Yucatan

You can’t talk about the clothes in Yucatan without talking about the beautiful adornment that the embroidery makes. It’s one of the traditional crafts in Yucatan. No matter if it’s a “Hipil” or a “Fustan”, you can find beautiful embroideries on many other applications.

It has been said that the polychromatic embroidery that adorns the triads, competes in richness of drawing the whole range of flowers of the tropic: leaves garlands in which a communion to all the tonalities of the green one are present, mixing with guides of flowers, Xalies or blue small bells, purple violets, lilies, purple and yellow, carnations bursting, opened and ignited, scarlet flowers, red roses and wild orange flowers. Such it is the vibrant color that gets us into the eyes, making the impression of having seen a lightning of “flamboyanes” waking up before the twilight of the South-east.

It is possible to do the embroidery of different types, the most beautiful, and also the most complicated it is the xocbichuy, or cross stitch, which is done by hand. The embroideries is combined, in occasions, with the technique of manicte of the Maya xmanikte that is a fret or unraveled by hand to form figures or flowers by the making of ties. Some garments have only adornments of this type, which shows the laboriousness and the taste of the woman for the confection of it. It is possible to find in the villages the veteran, classic print of a mestiza sitting in a bench, in the court or at the edge of the house of straw, embroidering pieces of some cloth that later will adorn some “Terno.”