Dress Up Casual Clothing for Spring 2011

Everyone loves wearing casual clothing today and designers like Elan International have used casual clothing to take over the women’s fashion industry. What’s not to like? Casual wear fashions are easy to wear, comfortable all day long and they look great. With this being said, you may be trying to figure out a creative way to turn your favourite casual clothing pieces into something evening wear ready; we can help you there. There are some occasions in life that call for dressier attire but you can still utilize your casual clothing pieces if you know what to do. Here are a few tips for dressing up your casual clothing.

1. Add accessories. Fashion accessories for women can turn casual tops into fashion tops ready for a night on the town. Accessorizing is by far the easiest way to pull together an outfit, and when it comes to a casual wear, the right fashion accessories for women can really transform it. For example, picture your favourite halter dress but instead of wearing flip flops or flats with it switch it up to stilettoes or wedges and you instantly have a new and improved style. With your favourite strapless dress, what you may want to add is a bold, double-hung necklace to add some dimension and color.

2. Add a more tailored piece to a casual wear outfit. Consider a great pair of casual pants for women and match them with a form fitting fashion top to create a more sophisticated style. A great tailored blazer or jacket is an incredibly popular choice this spring and you can find them in a number of different colors, fabrics and styles to suit any fashion style. This very simple technique can turn any casual clothing ensemble into something more, even office ready.

3. Classic black fashions. The little black dress has not gone anywhere this fashion season, in fact it may have even grown in popularity. Black is always a great choice if you are trying to create a formal appearance. Elan International has created a casual wear line of dresses for women, and black is the most versatile option for any wardrobe. Consider wearing a completely black outfit, from head to toe and then accent it with bold and colourful fashion accessories for women.

4. Dresses are hot this season! Dresses for women, even casual dresses, have a way of looking feminine and are often more elegant than other types of casual clothing. This Elan International dress line is comfortable and casual but is completely on point with the hottest and most elegant trends of the year. It’s important to understand that the word casual no longer is referring to your favourite pair of sweat pants; it is every day wear that can be manipulated for literally any occasion.

A casual clothing outfit can definitely look sophisticated, interesting and pulled together when you follow the above advice. Look into your closet tonight and be creative with what you have!