Different Hardwoods Used in Flooring

Household owners might think of adding hardwood floors to their homes for added style or fashion. Hardwood floors can be made out of different materials. In this regard, if a person would like to install one to their home, they need to pick from a variety of choices that are widely available. It can be made up of oak, maple, pine, cherry, bamboo, mahogany and many more. They have their own features, colors, styles and strengths. It is necessary to check all kinds that can be used before they decide to buy them.

Major kinds of hardwood that was mentioned in the first paragraph are the most commonly used in floors installation. Oak can be in red or white oak. It is one of the choices by households when it comes to floor installation. White oaks also vary in color that ranges from cream white to light brown. On the other hand, red oaks have reddish brown in color. It is said that white oak has a uniform appearance and harder than the red oak variety. White oaks have medium bend and low stiffness when it comes to strength.

Pine is often used for houses that are made from log or timber. Pines are softer than the red or white oak. Although it is softer than the oak, they are much cheaper in price. Pines have yellow and fine grain. The good thing about using pine wood is that it has a wide variety or shades of colors because of the presence of hundreds of species. What makes them ideal is it brings warmth to the entire room. Although they are much cheaper, many households prefer other kinds of wood because pines do not last long. For those who have a strict budget, it can be extremely cheap compared with other wood used for flooring installation.

Aside from pines, maple is also used. Maple is extremely hard, and they are less likely to scratch. They are also wear and abrasion resistant. It is popularly used in US and Canada because of its strength and closed grain. Maple is sought after by many household owners because of its durability. In addition, maple floors are extremely easy to clean. Some maple includes the flame, quilt and bird’s eye species.

If you are a home owner and would like to search for companies who install hardwood floors, you can try to search.For example, if you are from Idaho, you can start searching for them online by using words like the city name Twin Falls, Elko, Ketchum, Sun Valley or Twin Falls Hardwood Flooring. Many home owners nowadays like them because of its beauty and warmth feeling that makes them feel relax all the time. Aside from those samples, hardwood floors can also be made with bamboo, cherry, mahogany and many more.