Decorating Rooms & Silk Flower Arrangements

Flowers are used for all types of occasions and celebrations. They can offer you beauty and elegance to any room you choose. You can bring in fresh spring flowers at the height of their beauty, but what happens if you want a spring flower in the fall? What happens after only a few days when they, as beautiful as they were upon initial placement, begins to wither, drop their petals and fade? You have lost that stunning beauty that brought you to them to begin with.

Silk flowers allow you to choose any flower you want, any time you want without concern if they are “in season” and after a few days they will look exactly the same as the first day you placed them in a room. Oh yes, even after years, your arrangement will continue to show with the original color and beauty.

Silk flowers have come along way from the idea most people have in mind. Today they look so lifelike you have to, often times, touch them to see if they are real or “fake.” The attention to detail for high-end silk flowers is amazing. In some silk flower arrangements, they have created some silk flowers that appear to be older or dying flowers. This truly adds to the more natural and closer look of nature. Nature is not perfect and the high-end arrangements display this unique feature that mimics fresh flowers.

Silk flower arrangements have come a long way with how the flower is colored. In the past they would be this strange green that was easy to tell from a distance the flower arrangement was not real but with the high-end silk flower arrangements of today, it is hard to distinguish the real flowers from the artificial ones. Even viewing close-up, it can be difficult to detect.

With the multitude of silk arrangements, it is very easy to adorn that room you want to have a “WOW” factor. It is really easy to change out your arrangements to match the holiday or occasion. They are perfect use for weddings. When used for weddings, they can provide the color and any look you desire for the room. You do not have to worry about the issue of time and placement as you do with fresh flowers. You can choose the colors and sizes you want for the arrangements and do this well ahead of time. This can be done for all the flowers you want to show, whether it is for the wedding chapel, bouquets or for the wedding reception. Time is on your side so you can focus on the million other things to bring together a beautiful wedding.

When decorating your home or wanting a change to one of your rooms you need to pay close attention to color, placement, size and the overall look.

The color needs to blend or contrast with other colors in your room. The biggest mistake people make is trying to put too many colors in one room or only colors they like, whether or not the colors work with each other. Stand back, away from the room (doorway maybe) and find 2-3 colors that work together as a blend or contrast. Remember, dark, bold colors should be used as an accent, not a main color. If you still have trouble seeing what colors would work, try taking a picture of the room to help view the room and its colors in a different way.

Placement of your silk flower arrangement is very important. Remember, first impressions count. It is no different with a room. Along with the color choice of your arrangement, you need to think about where you are going to place this beauty and how it will affect the room. Do not place the arrangement in an area that has a lot of heavy furniture in it – if you do this, the room will feel lop-sided. Do not place your arrangement in an area that does not have much going on. The arrangement will appear to have been placed in that particular spot as fill. The perfect placement for your arrangement would be for you or your visitors to be able to see the arrangement upon entering the room.

Light is imperative in bringing life to your room and arrangement. Any type of room mood can be set just by the lighting and changing it around until it gets you what you want for the room. The arrangement should have its own lighting to showcase it.

Size is important! This is also known as perspective. Make sure when buying your silk flower arrangement to get dimensions of the area you think you may want. If the arrangement is too small then you are looking at an “accent” item, not necessarily to be noticed but used to add color and life to a room. If it is too large, it will look awkward within the room and no matter what you do, it will not look right. Take measurements of the silk flower arrangement you want for the room, cut out a cardboard using the dimensions and see if it works well with where you want to place it.

The overall look of any room you want to change is unique to you and nobody can tell you if it is good or bad but there are some basic rules that you may want to pay attention to. Some of these basic rules are stated above and can certainly get you started in the right direction. After all the work that is done to enhance the look and mood of a room, some people buy inexpensive silk flower arrangements!

If you want to defeat your purpose, this is a great way to do it. I have seen people work the room resulting in a great looking room then buy inexpensive silk flowers. The result is awful. Do not do this to yourself or your room. You are trying to create an upscale look and that can never be created with unnatural looks. If you want to see examples of elegant silk flower arrangements that would enhance any room go to I hope this has helped and enjoy your room project.