Chubby Girls and Hot Guys – How to Be His Chubby Bunny

You might have heard the rumors, but is it true that chubby girls and hot guys are naturally drawn to one another? Can chubby girls really land hot boyfriends? Do guys really like girls with meat on their bones? Skinny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s explore the reality of chubby girls and hot guys.

If you’ve ever hung around other girls before, you’ll probably agree that the problem with skinny girls has everything to do with their attitude. Skinny girls can be real bitches. Maybe it’s something genetic or maybe it’s just some side-effect of malnourishment or low blood sugar. Whatever the reason, skinny girls aren’t known for being nice.

What you might not realize, however, is that skinny girls don’t really appeal to most men physically either. Men like curves. It lets them know that they’re dating a woman. The idea of dating a woman with the figure of a twelve year old boy really just creeps men out, which is why skinny girls end up getting breast implants or wearing voluminous clothes to disguise their featureless bodies.

The overall appeal of the super-skinny model isn’t natural. It’s an artificial conceit invented by the fashion industry in the height of the mid-70s drug-fueled fashion culture. Along with clear skin, glossy hair, and strong teeth, chubbiness is one of those classic signs of health, vitality, and fertility, one of those innate characteristics that men are sexually drawn towards.

The reason why chubby girls seem to have a problem getting hot guys now is because chubby girls have been taught to feel bad about themselves. They’ve been bullied into self loathing by skinny girls who would never be able to stand up to the competition that real women give them.

So if you’re a chubby girl, you need to stop all that ridiculous dieting and defeatist self-criticism and just go out and get the hot guy you deserve. Follow in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe and Mae West and all the other sex icons from the past few hundred years, embrace your womanhood, and play for keeps. You’ll actually find that guys will go for your full-figure over any fashion-headed stick-figure any day. And that’s the truth about chubby girls and hot guys.