Choosing Wedding Gifts That Honor a Family’s Lineage

If you have a family wedding coming up and you know that the couple is interested in their family heritage, giving a wedding gift that features the coat of arms or crest of the bride and the groom can be a fantastic idea. It is possible to find gifts that show the linking of two families while paying tribute to the background of each member.

If you know that the couple is interested in display items for their home, you may want to look at getting them a plaque. A plaque can hold one coat of arms or may be available with both family crests displayed together. They can be a beautiful reminder of family heritage that can last for many years.

Other traditional methods of display a family crest

There are other ways of displaying a family crest or coat of arms that holds true to tradition. One option you may want to consider is a tapestry. These have been used throughout history to display a family crest or shield.

A tapestry is a large piece of woven fabric that features a pattern. Tapestries were used throughout history to honor accomplishments, record historical events and to decorate the walls of keeps and castles. Instead of a random, abstract pattern, having a family crest built into a tapestry can be a fantastic way of honoring a family’s heritage.

Many families handed a signet ring down from generation to generation. This ring was usually engraved with a crest or shield that represented the family. Some were quite large and ornate, whereas others were smaller and much simpler.

Not only was a ring used to identify a person as belonging to a particular family, it was also used to seal important documents and was a key method of determining someone’s identity.

Where to find a Family Crest or Shield

There are many different ways that you can look for your family crest or shield. There are some companies that can look up the information or you may be able to do so by looking in your own family’s history. Genealogical websites can also help you find information on your ancestors and any shields, crests or coats of arms that they may have had.

Every element in a coat of arms or shield has a meaning. The shape of the shield, any symbols that appear on it and the color of the elements on the shield all tell a story and because of this it is important to make sure that you have the right information. Therefore, making sure that you are dealing with a reputable source is critical when researching your family’s heraldic symbols.

Presenting wedding gifts that are decorated with a family coat of arms can be a meaningful and important moment. You may want to make sure that you give this gift at a time when there is the opportunity to explain the meaning of the crest and the personal significance that it has. You may find that it becomes one of the most memorable times of the entire wedding celebration.