Budget Wedding Planning – 4 Tips For Choosing a Non Traditional Wedding Dress

While many think that it’s an absolute must that a bride walk down the aisle in nothing other than a traditional dress, that’s really far from the truth. When you get right down to it, the only reason for this belief is tradition and the wedding industry. The wedding industry has a vested interest in continuing this misnomer, so unless you are set on wearing a traditional dress, put the thought out of your mind that you aren’t able to wear a non traditional dress. It’s true that you may encounter raised eyebrows when you tell your friends or relatives. Heck, you may even create a bit of a ruckus! But, if your personality is more of the non traditional type, and you’d rather go that way, don’t let other sway your decision.

Without question, you can save a bundle by ignoring traditions and what the folks within the wedding industry have to say. Here are some ideas that would have some in the wedding industry pulling their hair out, but ideas that could indeed work very well for you:

1. Think Color

How about choosing a cocktail dress, a bridesmaid dress or even an evening gown that matches the color of your wedding decor? A sapphire blue, a royal purple or even a Ruby Red are all great alternatives to white. Opening the door to a color other than white makes it a whole lot simpler to find a dress that will not only fit your budget, but that compliments your skin tone and shape of your body.

2. Show At Vintage Clothing Stores

Retro is in! You can easily locate a dress that will add a unique flair to your big day. You’ll be able to easily stay within your budget by spending a couple of hundred bucks for an evening gown out of the 40’s. Another big plus is that your dress will certainly be unique and your guests will have no problems with finding something to talk about at the reception.

3. Modify An Heirloom Dress

You may say no dice to wearing your mother’s wedding dress, but before you do, you may want to consider adding an new skirt to the bodice or a new bodice to the skirt. The face is that by making a few additions or modifications, you’ll end up with a unique dress that not only has sentimentality and your own tastes combines at a small fraction of what a traditional dress would cost you. You can do the same type of thing with a wedding dress from a vintage or second hand shop as well.

4. Check Out A Costume Shop

This can be a really fun way to go. Take a walk down the aisle in a Renaissance gown! Who wouldn’t look great in a richly colored velvet gown? Or perhaps a simple evening gown with a velvet cape or cloak. You can find these types of gowns at incredibly low prices. RenaissanceCostumeClothing.com provides plenty of options if you choose to go this way. They’ve got a complete setups, complete with a headdress for less than $50! Of course you can also consider renting these type of dresses from a local costume shop as well.

You’ll need to be careful when going the costume route because some can look pretty darn cheap and cheesy. Be sure to check return policies before buying and order your dress far in advance of your wedding date. This way, if it’s not what you want, you’ll have time to continue your search for the perfect wedding gown that meets your personality and budget.