Bonnet Style Hair Dryers – Benefits For Your Hair

Bonnet hair dryers have been in existence long before the current regular blow dryers were designed and created by manufacturers. I still remember older newspaper and TV ads with that woman with lots of hair rollers on her head sitting patiently under the bonnet to have her hair dried at the hair salon. However nowadays it seems that the bonnet style hair dryers are once again very popular with women who want to dry their mane at home. I was trying to find the reason for that and I think I figured it all out.

Basically it’s much easier to use the bonnet dryer to dry those curls on the rollers since it can take a while and doing it manually with the hand holding the regular blow dryer can be cumbersome and very tiring for the arm. The bonnet style hairdryer basically frees up you hands so that you can either have your manicure done, or read a magazine or book or simply let your hands rest while the machine does the magic on your head.

Hand held dryers, while very useful and popular, still mean that you have to use your hand to dry your hair. The bonnet style effectively gets rid of that problem.

There are many good manufacturers making new and modern bonnet style hairdryers that have extra features and benefits when compared to the old style ones that have been used in the 60s and 70s. For example the bonnet can be very soft and it can be easily packed away and taken with you on trips. Also putting it on your head is extremely easy. Some types have a cold function that allows setting the temperature for rather sensitive hairdos. And the use of the included ionic technology will eliminate frizz from your hair for good.

In addition many of these modern style blow dryers have a feature that allows your curls to be kept moist while drying. This feature also gets rid of frizz and split ends from your locks. And if you happen to get hold of a blow-dryer that has a longer cord, you can actually work around the room while drying your hair. Talk about multitasking here!