Beauty Pageant Interview Questions – Expert Tips

Beauty pageant interview questions can be the most terrifying aspect of any pageant contest. If you ask past and present pageant winners though, they will tell you how important this round is to your chances of winning. Mess it up here, and you’re never going to win.

The beauty pageant interview questions round is where contestants have their one and only chance to show the judges that they are more than just a pretty face. It’s the chance to show off ones inner beauty and intelligence. Everything you say in this round will be judged, so it’s crucial you know what you’re doing here.

To get the highest marks from the judges, you need to remember this: listen and respond. Make sure you thoroughly understand the question posed to you, and then take time to formulate an answer that you think is most appropriate. You want to sound clear and confident here, so do not feel you need to rush your answers.

When answering, you should also provide interesting and thought provoking answers when it comes to the harder questions. A simple yes/no answer will not be sufficient here, you’ll need to justify your answer with a well formed opinion. Look the judges in the eye when giving your response, as this comes across as good self confidence.

So how does one become confident at answering beauty pageant interview questions? Well, practise of course. The more you practise, the better you’ll become and more prepared you’ll be when you’re standing up on stage. The judges can ask you almost anything, ranging from questions about yourself, to your opinions on political and societal issues. Speak honestly here, and not just a politically correct answer.

One tip I can give you in the beauty pageant interview questions round, is to pause before giving your response. Don’t be afraid of a few seconds silence here. You don’t want to rush an answer and begin to stutter and get your words in a tangle. Think carefully, and answer calmly and above all with confidence and authority.

You also do not want your answers to sounds to prepared and rehearsed. This is another reason why you should pause before answering. You want to add tone to your voice and not sound like an automated robot.

Also, answer your beauty pageant interview questions as if you were answering an essay question. Start off with “I think that” and give a for and against argument. Follow this up at the end with “Overall, I believe”. This gives a good structure to your answers. If you get through this round well, then the competition is all but yours.