Back Open Fancy Blouses

Every outfit that the stars wear on screen becomes a trend and all people try to wear the same thing. Bollywood costumes like a Fire they catch on real fast. You can see young boys and girls imitating their favorite star. By looking at girls one can really make out whose are their favorite stars like girls wearing anarkali salwar suits are Vidaya Balan’s fans and those wearing chiffon sarees are Rani Mukherjee fans and girls wearing frock suits are Deepika Padukone fans.

Saree blouse has gone through a minimalist transformation. Earlier blouses were covered and had long or 3/4 sleeves. Now the trend is completely changed and is influenced by western culture. Back open fancy cholis, backless blouses and bare back blouses are in fashion. Expensive designer back open cholis are sewn with padding so that a bra is not needed. This reinforcement’s helps cholis or blouses to be worn with ease.

Backless cholis have become a fashion in India after the movie Hum Aapke Hain Koun and Beta. In which she wore a fancy back open blouse. In the song “Dhak dhak karne laga” from the movie Beta Madhuri Dixit shows the audience her sexy back. Also she wore a sexy purple blue saree in Hum Apke Hain Kaun with back open fancy blouse in the song ‘Didi teraa dewar deewana’ which got very popular among young girls. Many young girls started imitating the blouse designs for their wedding functions. Also Mandira Bedi’s blouses on TV are always very sexy and revealing which gave new dimension to Indian traditional clothing.

These back open fancy blouses can be of various designs and patterns. They can be halter, strappy, off shoulder doori or tie knot. These designer blouses are embellished with Swarovski stones, gotta, sequence and zari work to look it traditional and richer.