A Guide to When and How to Apply Your Favourite Fragrances

A perfume or fragrance should never be applied in excessive measures. With today’s fragrance market becoming increasingly accessible to customers from around the globe, especially the UK in recent times, cheap fragrances can be found at a touch of a button.

The internet has allowed companies to enter this previously traditional high street market, offering prices below Duty Free and opposing high street chains. This accessibility to cheap perfumes can encourage people to apply their fragrances liberally. Applying too much of your discount fragrance will overawe its surroundings. It is commonly accepted when approaching your discount fragrances, less is more.

When selecting a fragrance for daywear, and especially the summer months try to focus on lighter scents. For evening wear and the winter months it is encouraged to lean towards heavier fragrances. It is always best to have a wide selection of fragrances to reflect your mood and the environment around you. The best advice is to approach your fragrances as an extension to your fashion accessories. It tells those around you, who you are, what mood you are in and most importantly how we wish to be perceived.

To help you find the right fragrance for you, here are some tips on what’s hot this summer:


Davidoff Coolwater – Highly recommended for office wear and always attracts the right kind of attention on an evening out.

Hugo Boss in Motion – Packed with adrenaline, this will leave those around in awe. Remember to apply sparingly. Great for day wear in the summer months..

Diesel Zero Plus Masculine – The musky undertones of vanilla in this scent is nothing short of breathtaking. To be worn both at night and during the day.

Joop Hoome – A classic which has surpassed all expectations to reach the top 4 fragrances this summer. This is undeniably alluring and is loved by all. The men will want to be you and the woman will simply want you! Great for all occasions but stands out from the rest on a night out.


Kenzo Flower – An unmistakable floral scent which inspires a fresh and uplifting feeling. Perfect for day wear.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique – Since its Launch in 1993, this elegant, oriental and floral fragrance has managed to maintain its position in the top 4 woman fragrances. This special fragrance is recommended for romantic evening wear.

Calvin Klein Euphoria – Euphoria, the new fragrance from Calvin Klein, has surpassed all other Calvin Klein fragrances to clinch a top 4 spot. Within the heart imparts a mysterious and intoxicating feeling through notes of rich black orchid, dewy lotus blossom and sensual champaca flower. This scent provides a lasting signature of cream accord. Ideal for any occasion.

Cacharel Anais Anais – Anais Anais is a feminine scent which has stood test of time and is still one of your favourite scents this year. This fragrance possesses a blend of cedar, leather, and blooming fresh cut flowers. Accompanied by white floral notes of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley this fragrance is suitable for everyday wear.