1980’s Fancy Dress Costumes – A Look at 3 Different 80’s Outfit Suggestions For You to Consider

1980’s fancy dress costumes do not have to be all about garish colours, teenie-boppers, spandex t-shirts and multi-coloured leg warmers. Yes, we all know how horrible the eighties were fashion-wise and there are certainly many types of 80’s outfit available that parody this look, but there are also some really cool 1980’s fancy dress costumes out there as well.

Some 80’s costumes are inspired by the music of that era and certainly artists such as Madonna, Adam Ant, Prince and of course Michael Jackson have many different kinds of 80’s outfit that you can choose from. However, this article is going to focus on a different eighties genre; those 1980’s fancy dress costumes that have been inspired by iconic eighties films.

There are many movies that are instantly recognisable as being from the eighties, Back to the Future, Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones and E.T. to name but a few. When you have an obvious eighties blockbuster that features characters who wore interesting outfits in the movie, then suddenly you have an awesome theme for 1980’s fancy dress costumes.

Below we take a look at three such 80’s outfit suggestions that you should consider so that you have a great looking costume to wear to the upcoming eighties themed party.

Suggestion 1: Robocop costume

Some movies feature characters that are just perfect for fancy dress costumes and this is very much the case with the film, Robocop. The official licensed Robocop costume is based around a two-piece black jumpsuit, with attached silver EVA armour, with the word ‘ROBOCOP’ written on the front of a moulded chest piece. The outfits also come with a matching two-piece helmet.

Suggestion 2: Beetlejuice Halloween costume

Beetlejuice is another film where the title character is just perfect for fancy dress. The Beetlejuice costume includes a black and white striped jacket and a pair of black and white striped trousers. Of course the perfect accessory for this awesome 80’s outfit is the Beetlejuice wig, but you should also consider getting the Beetlejuice make-up kit and teeth to complete the outfit.

Suggestion 3: Ghostbuster Couple Combo costumes

If you are a couple going to an eighties themed party and you want to go in matching outfits, then the Ghostbuster Couple Combo is just perfect. This was one of the most iconic movies of the decade and both the male and female outfits do the film justice. Both costumes are based around a beige jumpsuit, a foam belt with a faux-leather top, a matching hat and of course an inflatable proton pack to capture your ghosts in.